Have you seen a vehicle broken down on the side of the road with collapsed suspension because ball joint failed? surely you don’t wanna be in that tragic situation.

Here are some best practice we at BMT auto carry out to to ensure that you experience a smooth, controlled ride with a properly functioning steering and suspension system.

  • Inspect all 4 tires for uneven wear, cupping or tread damage.
  • Inspect steering linkage for play.
  • Check the suspension bushings front and rear.
  • Inspect leaks power steering hoses and the steering gear.
  • Inspect conditions of the shocks and struts.
  • Check all four wheel bearings for play or roughness.
  • Check the ball joints for play or wear.
  • Check all the springs for damage.
  • Check for leaky or damaged CV joint boots.
  • Check for leaks at the differential, transmission or transaxle.